Inside the Halley VI Research Station →

Really cool 360˚ tour of Halley VI, which houses up to 70 research staff in the summer and 16 in the winter. Fascinating.

Holiday Hole →

Cards Against Humanity are crowdfunding the digging of a huge hole in the Earth. And livestreaming it.

Why aren’t you giving all this money to charity?
Why aren’t YOU giving all this money to charity? It’s your money.

So far, people have paid almost $50,000 to dig a hole.

a good bundle →

$20 for 151 of some of the best indie games on, with all the proceeds going to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. Personal favourites: Proteus, Gone Home, Curtain (by Irish developer Dreamfeel), The Temple of No. Oh look, it’s just a great bunch of games for a really great cause. Just buy it.

An abandoned US satellite has started transmitting again →

I’m filing this one under “creepy shit that would make a great setup for a film”.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Needs to Quit It With the Accents →

The Ringer nails it:

Here is an abridged list of things that Joseph Gordon-Levitt almost, but not quite, sounds like in Oliver Stone’s Snowden, out last week:

  • Three kids stacked on top of each other inside of a trench coat
  • The moment in a 2000s comedy when the third male lead realizes he’s been shot with a tranquilizer gun
  • A prank caller whose heart just isn’t in it
  • Someone Shailene Woodley would waste her early 20s on
  • A short story where an old frog teaches a young frog how to build a boat, and then dies
  • An outtake from a YouTube review of the iPhone voice changer app
  • Edward Snowden

Versioning, Licensing, and Sketch 4.0 →

It seems like we’re moving to the world where app subscription models are the norm and I’m worried about what this means for the future of some of my favourite apps. In December, YNAB announced it was moving to a web-based, subscription model. In January, it was forced to change its strategy a little in the face of a severely negative response.

But the Sketch model seems like a pretty great compromise. Buy a license and you’ll receive a year’s worth of free upgrades. After that, no more upgrades (besides bug-fix upgrades) but your software will continue to work. This seems like a really clever and consumer-friendly way of addressing this problem.

The Trailers for Ghostbusters (2016) and the Art of Editing Comedy →

Tony Zhou (of the excellent Every Frame a Painting) takes a look at the difference between the US and UK trailers for the new Ghostbusters and how a few frames can make all the difference between a joke that hits and a joke that lands.

Interview With Lacey Noonan →’s interview with Lacey Noonan, self-publishing superstar and author of niche erotica like I Don’t Care If My Best Friend’s Mom is a Sasquatch, She’s Hot and I’m Taking a Shower With Her Because It’s the New Millennium and its sequel I Don’t Care if My Sasquatch Lover Says the World is Exploding, She’s Hot But I Play Bass and There’s Nothing Hotter Right Now Than Rap-Rock Because It’s the New Millennium.

BDC: Do your friends and family know you write these novels, or is it private? You mention your husband in your bio, Does he know?

Lacey: My husband knows. Some friends know. That’s about it. He actually helped with some of the finer football details in the Gronkalish book. But I am the heat commander. I control the boners.

This lady is amazing.

Let's Play: The Shining →

Pippin Barr’s note-perfect recreation of The Shining as an 8-bit game.

Mattel Update the ThingMaker as a 3D Printer →

Cheap, easy to use, surprisingly decent resolution. I think I’m going to be picking one up myself. For my kid, of course.