Processing: the Software that Shaped Creative Coding →

An oral history of Processing, which has a special place in my heart

Shadow Planet, by The Cotton Modules →

An album made of AI and cassette tapes. Sounds really organic and haunting. They also wrote about the album’s creation.

Merlin's Wisdom (Draft) →

Never argue on the internet. No one will remember whether you won or lost the argument; they’ll just remember that you are the sort of person who argues on the internet.

“I’m at the stage in my life where I stay out of discussions. Even if you say 1+1=5. You’re right, have fun.”

How the Mountain Goat’s “No Children” became a TikTok viral hit - Vox →

“It’s really cool to have it affirmed that music is a gigantic conversation between all generations,” Darnielle says. “I am a father of two. There is a certain joy in sort of feeling like, well, the kids have got a thing going on that I’m not going to fully get. But I can just enjoy watching. I think people fear getting older and fear that they’ll feel left out, but there’s a kind of buoyancy in that left-out quality sometimes, if you ride it the right way.”

John Darnielle is good people.

Kebab Kid, London: ‘Take-away as a cult’ – restaurant review | Food | The Guardian →

After all, as well as tasting of nothing, all that gold leaf will pass straight through the body. So let me leave you with this image: Salt Bae’s customers, the morning after the night before, getting off the throne, looking down and clocking that all their money has bought them is a bunch of glittering turds.

This whole review is worth reading. It’s like jazz - all about the food not reviewed.

The nostalgia onion - Garbage Day →

The always-on-point Rebecca Jennings for Vox last year actually wrote about this weird trend that mvnicx is a part of. It’s not about being nostalgic for the 90s, nor is it about being nostalgic for the early-2010s. Instead, it’s about being nostalgic for being in the early-2010s being nostalgic for the 90s. It’s a lot to wrap your head around.


Mister Rogers's Simple Set of Rules for Talking to Kids - The Atlantic →

My kids do weekly GAA training and there’s one “problem” child in my daughter’s group who disrupts everything and none of the trainers can control him. Except for one. The minute she starts speaking, every kid, even the problem child, is hooked. Being able to talk to children like this is a gift and Fred Rogers was a master.

Embedded →

I love reading about how other people work. It’s a great way of finding new tools, new sites, new people to follow. Workspaces is a good example of this. Uses This is a great example of this. And along comes embedded, a newsletter about being Very Online. It’s got a great recurring feature called “My Internet” all about how famous internet-people use the internet, asking everyone the same questions like “what podcasts do you listen to” and “what are you willing to pay for online”, and it’s always really revealing and helpful.

For example, here’s some advice from Folu Akinkuotu

What’s one thing you recommend for maintaining a healthy relationship with the internet?
React in the group chat, not on the timeline.

(Via Anil Dash)

Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 finally gets USB audio support a decade after it was released - The Verge →

I can’t think of many 10 year old devices that are still getting major features through firmware. Fair play, Teenage Engineering.

Back to the Future with RSS! →

Nicky Case has a genuine gift for being able to explain technical things really well. In this case, they’re explaining RSS, the glue that holds the internet together. The only thing I’d add to what they say here is that you don’t need a subscription service to start enjoying RSS! Modern apps like Reeder and NetNewsWire allow you to scrape feeds from your own computer!