Cover of A Man Lay Dead (Roderick Alleyn, #1) by Ngaio Marsh
A Man Lay Dead (Roderick Alleyn, #1)
Ngaio Marsh
Finished: June 27, 2018
Rating: ★★

The author has a beautiful way with words and at some points, the language was so wonderfully modern, all wry and sardonic and self-aware. But the plotting was awful, with a dozen or so characters not so much introduced but rather vomited onto the page over a couple of paragraphs so I spent half the book going “now which one is this?” For example, there are two characters, a Mr and a Mrs Wilde, and yet while the two are in conversation, the author would refer to one of them as “Wilde”, as in “”Wilde said…”.

This was my first Inspector Alleyn book, but based on this outing, I don’t know if I’ll make the effort with the rest.