Xtorrent Public Beta

Might I suggest that all Mac users reading this hurry to their nearest browser and download the public beta of Xtorrent, the new application from David Watanabe who also wrote Acquisition, Inquisitor and NewsFire (my favourite RSS reader).

Things I love about Xtorrent

  • It’s solid. Oh so solid. Stupid Bitrocket would crap out on me if I so much as looked at it funny

  • In-application searching and downloading. Which translates into: no more fucking around on dodgy sites with equally dodgy ads (“HORNY GIRLS IN ballyfermot ARE WAITING FOR YOU”) looking for the latest episode of Lost.

  • Upload and download rate limiting! You have no idea how much I’ve wanted this - it’s one thing limiting uploads, but when you’re sharing a network with a bunch of people, you don’t want to saturate the download connection.

  • It’s so freakin’ pretty I swear, David Watanabe is like the Zinedine Zidane of the Mac software development world. Everything he does has beauty, elegance and style. And he’ll floor you with one headbutt if you say anything mean about his mother.

(note to self: link to the thing you’re blogging about, dummy)