XBMC ported to Apple TV

Cult of Mac reports that XBMC has been ported to the second-generation Apple TV.

The new port of XBMC not only makes the second-gen AppleTV one of the cheapest devices out there that can run XBMC short of a used Xbox, but it also adds some lovely functionality to Apple’s woefully slim-featured set-top box, including the ability to pump out 1080p video, play a myriad of codecs and web content natively, as well as install and expand your experience with new apps.

My original Xbox running XBMC was, hands down, the best media centre I’ve ever owned. It never once complained about codecs and it ran silky smooth. In fact, I still keep it hidden under my TV for emergencies. The only problem with it is the hardware itself. The Xbox is bulky, noisy, ethernet-only, and has no remote control, so when I use it, I’m forced to use the monstrously huge Xbox controller, with its cable draped across my living room.

I had been thinking about getting a Boxee box, but slightly went off the idea after reading Jon Hicks’ lukewarm review. The availability of XBMC on the ATV2 nails it for me. My next toy.