We are gathered here today to get through this thing called "life"

When I was younger, I had such a major crush on Wendy Melvoin, Prince’s guitarist in The Revolution. And depending on when you catch me, Purple Rain could be my favourite album and movie of all time, but never anything less than “incredible” to me. Watching the Brit awards, on comes Prince to perform some songs. Random snippets of our conversation here.

“Do you think Prince should reinvent himself? He’s been playing the same music for years.”
“He’s probably had a ton of work done.”
“This song is okay. I could do without the Pan Pipes though.”
“Hey, isn’t that his guitarist from Purple Rain?”

Wendy and Lisa were back! Looking a little older, sure. Minus their bad-ass hugh hairstyles, sure. But my crush kicked right back in immediately. Oh boy.

Oh, and after the Purple Rain medley: “No. Prince shouldn’t change his music. He should just keep playing this forever.”

ps - fuck the Kaiser Chiefs, Kasabien and Hard-Fi in their stupid fucking asses.