War of the Worlds

This probably isn’t a particularly popular opinion, but I’ll state it anyway. I love Spielberg’s movies. I think that they’ve got a wonderful magical quality few directors have managed to recreate (although Shyamalan comes close). And besides, how could I not love the person responsible for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

And so I’m tickled pink by the prospect of his remake of War of the Worlds. If it’s even half as good as Close Encounters of the Third Kind, I’m still going to be blown away.

But there’s so much more going on. Pendragon Pictures have been working on a more faithful, low-budget version of War of the Worlds. They recently made a ’theatrical trailer’ available on their website. This is the first time they’ve revealed any of their effects. And oh.. oh dear. But regardless of the quality of the final picture, it will be a refreshing companion to Spielberg’s blockbuster.

But we’re so lucky, there’s still more. Jeff Wayne is working on a CGI version of his Musical of War of the Worlds, intended for a release in 2007. They recently released some animation tests of this movie - clip one, clip 2. Being a huge fan of the musical and a 3D animation dork, I think this is the version I’m looking to the most.