Things to keep me occupied on the long weekend

Download the Dead Rising demo from Xbox Marketplace

It’s time-limited to 15 minutes per game, but still. This is one of the games that finally convinced me to buy an Xbox 360. Let’s hope it was worth it.

Go see A Scanner Darkly on Monday

Get a coupon from today’s copy of The Ticket in the Irish Times. Bring it to UGC today and exchange the coupon for a ticket for two to see the preview of this amazing-looking movie.

Finish reading On Stranger Tides by Tim powers

I bought this because I’ve got such a boner for pirates right now, and this is the book that inspired Ron Gilbert to write the Secret of Monkey Island. It’s a huge story of pirates, voodoo and revenge. And lots of buckles being swashed, naturally. Also recommended: The Bumper Book of Pirate Stories, if only for the chapter entitled “How Half-Arsed Became Captain”. Half-arsed being a famous pirate who got half of his ass blown off by a cannon. They don’t make ’em like that any more.