Rollercoaster of emotions

Here’s some things from the past couple of weeks. Get ready for some old news.

Steve Irwin dies - Boo!
It’s been over a week and I’m still gutted about this. Steve Irwin was always, always entertaining and his unflinching upbeat outlook never once failed to cure me of whatever blues I had. I’m running out heroes.

MGM are making a sequel to Wargames - Yay!
Some of my favourite films are sequels. Some of my favourite films are about nerdy things and have cute little bleepy soundtracks. It’s a marriage made in heaven! The news report also mentions a sequel to Into the Blue which, as big dumb movies go, is really rather good.

Entourage is fucking awesome - Yay!
Okay, so this isn’t exactly news, but hey - you come here for news? Seriously, this show is fucking killer - I threw it onto my computer and we watched almost all of Season 1 on the flight home when we should have been sleeping to beat jetlag. You know a show is special when you’re willing to take a bullet like that for it.

My DVD inbox has grown to over 125 movies - Boo!
This wasn’t helped by my visit to Newbury Comics in Boston. Their Criterion Collection section was both expansive and cheap. If I watch one movie a day, it will still take me over four months to get through them all. Thank fuck Big Brother is over and we can get our NTL disconnected.