Roger Corman school of Game Development

After he finished filming The Raven, Roger Corman decided that since he already had the large, gothic sets built, he could re-use them (and sets leftover from other films) to quickly knock together another film, The Terror. He effectively got two films for (roughly) the price of one.

With another console cycle just around the corner, we can expect a tidal wave of news stories about the rising cost of game development. “Now that everything is in super-high-res 4K HD, creating art assets costs more than the GDP of some European nations” they’ll probably say.

This is why I love what Ubisoft have done with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Rather than just scrapping all the work they did on Far Cry 3, or even just knocking together some boring DLC for extra multiplayer maps, they’re re-using the assets in a completely new and interesting way. A way I’m really excited to play.