Watching A Miracle on 34th Street last night, my wife kept cracking up at Mara Wilson’s ultra-precocious 7 year old. You can’t really blame her. Only John Hughes could have written a child like this:

Kris Kringle: Oh, Susan. Just because every child doesn’t get his or her wish doesn’t mean there’s not a Santa Claus.

Susan: I thought you might say that.

Kris Kringle: Did you? Yes. Well… A house is a very big order–

Susan: And very expensive.

Kris Kringle: And a baby, well a baby takes almost a year to, uh, to, uh…

Susan: nine months. More if the lady’s late. Less if the baby’s a preemie.

The funny thing is, I would bet cash money that my wife was exactly like this when she as 7 years old too.