A lot of people have started asking me “Do you have a blog?” I’ve been trying to play this down with responses like “Oh maybe, but you’ll never find it - try Googling for ‘John Kelly’” But people have been getting smarter: “Yeah, but what if I search for ‘john kelly’ and uh.. shit, cunt, prick dot com?”

I realised then that people are going to find this blog, whether I like it or not. They might spend a few minutes pumping the kind of obscenities into Google that would make a sailor blush, but they’ll eventually find it.

And my mother’s pretty well-read, she’s probably seen the recent piece about blogs in the Sunday Business Post. I’m sure she’s going to ask me if I have a blog soon. And when she does, well… I can’t lie to my mother, but then again, I can’t turn the air blue just by telling her my domain.

So I got a new one -

It might not sound like much of an improvement to you, but any domain I can tell my mother about is a huge improvement to me.