House of Cards Against Humanity

Netflix teamed up with the Cards Against Humanity guys to promote the second season of House of Cards. We’ve already seen how CAH have a habit of thumbing their nose at the established way of doing business, so how did this work out? Predictably. Here’s how CAH introduced this new pack:

Last month, someone in the Netflix marketing department had an epiphany: House of Cards andCards Against Humanity both contain the word “cards.” When we got a phone call from Netflix, we enthusiastically agreed that the two products indeed contain the word “cards.”

You know how Cards Against Humanity works, right? It’s sort of like Apples to Apples. The black cards have sentences with blanks in them and the white cards have potential answers for those blanks. In the House of Cards set, the first black card says “I can’t believe Netflix is using to promote House of Cards.”

I don’t think Cards Against Humanity will be getting a call from Netflix again any time soon.