High Concept

Right, so where was I?

A few months ago, I wrote about Snakes On A Plane, the high-concept thriller about uh… snakes. On a plane. The IMDB has recently updated its information about Sheldon Turner, the writer of SoaP. One of his upcoming projects is called The Breathtaker and its IMDB plot summary runs like this:

A small-town police chief pursues a serial killer who strikes only during tornadoes, brutally killing his victims in the eye of the storm.

Jesus. This guy is really working hard to redefine the term “High Concept”, bringing us into “Huge Concept”.

Also: I’ve started visiting Script Sales almost daily now. It always cheers me up to read about scripts whose log-lines describe them as “A monkey spy adventure in the vein of ‘The Bourne Identity.’”