DVD Inbox

My DVD inbox - movies I haven’t seen or whose DVDs special features I haven’t watched - has grown to 60 DVDs. I figure this is a good time to take a look through the list and see what’s going on. Maybe figure out why I’m having such trouble getting through them. If you’re interested, the full list is available on listal.com.


DVDs - Genre

To be honest, I’m amazed that drama features so highly. From looking at my list, I’d have guessed Horror or Sci-Fi would be the most popular genre. I put this down to shoddy tagging on IMDB. Or a really bad personal definition of “horror”. Cutthroat Island is horrific, so that makes it horror… right?


DVDs - Decade

For an eighties kid, the 1980s are seriously underrepresented here.

(This was the first bar-chart I’ve ever made in excel. I had to get H. to help me.)


DVDs - Language

I couldn’t be bothered breaking this down any further. Although I’d say that the majority of the foreign-language movies were Japanese, from the large amount of J-Horror waiting to scare the pants off me.

TV Shows


I’ve all but given up watching TV now. I tend to do all my TV watching via bittorrent or DVD. This is probably lower than I would have guessed. Still haven’t gotten around to watching Six Feet Under yet. Is it wrong that I am completely unable to get excited about this show? Loving Carnivale though.