Adrian Wreckler - Meet the Monaghan lass with 345,000 Twitter followers

Sinead Duffy is a lifecoach (with her own company, Great Minds) who has set up the mother of all Twitter accounts. Called Greatest Quotes, it’s an auto-tweeting feed of… greatest quotes. Astonishingly, Greatest Quotes is growing by 10,000 followers per week. That’s almost as much as Ashton Kutcher.

Ah, you think – that’s a bit of a swizz. Sure, just set up a few RSS feeds and let it take off; that’s not a real account.

Think again. Because of this account, Duffy is getting business online. And it’s cash upfront. “I coach select overseas clients via Skype and charge through Paypal,” she tells me. “It’s mostly through Twitter that potential clients find me.”

Who’s laughing now?

Coaching. “Select overseas clients”. From a Twitter account that spews out ‘greatest quotes’.

Sometimes I think this recession hasn’t hit hard enough.