Touch of Life


Christian anti-abortion ‘social justice’ group hands out fetus dolls for Halloween (For the story and video, click image or here; Found at Jesus Needs New PR)

Back in the radio station I worked in, we used to get all these things that were like Argos catalogues for God-botherers. You could buy bumper stickers like “My other car is a HEAVENLY CHARIOT” and stuff like that. At the back of the catalogue were all these pro-life tchotchkes. You could buy these plastic foetus models to hand out at anti-abortion rallies. You could buy them in bulk. Like 30 for $50.

I always wanted to get a batch of the little ones, put them in the freezer, and use them instead of ice at parties. Except I’m not sure I trust the manufacturers to use the kind of high-quality plastic that wouldn’t give me cancer or whatever.