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How many photos have ever been taken? | 1000memories →

According to these boffins, Facebook hosts around 4% of all the photos that have ever been taken. And roughly 20% of all the photos taken this year will be uploaded to Facebook.

Kids -- not even kids, teenagers -- are growing up in a world where cameras are ubiquitous, they're just part of the device you carry around with you. And photography isn't some arcane, expensive hobby. It's been democratized.

I can't wait to see what this means for the next generation of photojournalists.

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Bye Rome :(

AV Club: Louis C.K. walks us through Louie’s second season (Part 1 of 4) →

I know people are probably sick of me linking to
a. The AV Club, and
b. Louis CK stories

but honestly, this second season of Louie was one of the best seasons of TV I've ever seen. (And 'Duckling' was one of the best episodes of any TV show I've ever seen). Reading this background on the production of the first couple of episodes is fascinating.

Also, much as I hate to say "X is the new Y", anyone else get the feeling that Louis CK is taking the reins left over from when Woody Allen packed up for Europe? No-one else is making New York seem so gorgeous.

Boom →

Boom is a command-line key-value store written by Zach Holman. If you don't know what this is, you probably don't need it. Still, I really love the installation instructions:

Hey, run this:

$ gem install boom

See? Now you can do this:

$ boom

Pretty easy. Like your mom.

I wish more software developers were brave enough to make 'your mom' jokes in their installation instructions.

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This situation basically sums up 90% of the worries I had when I moved my blog to Tumblr.


_**Is tumblr really holding a user’s personal account hostage to extort him into shutting down his service / competing UI? I cannot believe this.**_ > >

For those of you who don’t know, “missing e” is a great browser extension for tumblr. It’s a browser add-on for firefox/chrome/safari with an updated user interface that makes doing some things on tumblr easier. (ie, I can edit posts on my blogs from the permalink page, set reblogs to default to my reblog instead of my main/art blog, etc). Some features (such as keeping tags on reblogs) have even been adopted as ‘real’ tumblr features.

Then tumblr called Jeremy Cutler, the creator of “missing e” and asked him to stop distributing it, because they said it was violating the API agreement, hurting their business structure (by allowing users to hide the radar/ads) and ‘page-scraping’ which put a big load on their servers.

So he took missing-e down, and fixed all of those problems. Missing-e no longer hides the radar, no longer scrapes pages, and no longer uses the API at all. In fact, it doesn’t even interact with tumblr— everything it does happens once tumblr is already loaded in your browser, between your browser and you.

But apparently that wasn’t good enough. Because the page-scraping and API reasons weren’t tumblr’s real/only reasons— they didn’t like the UI changes missing-e implemented.

Here’s where things got interesting:


Moments ago, I participated in surprise conference call with Tumblr staff members. They have indicated to me that they continue to take issue with Missing e even with the removal of usage of the Tumblr API.  …  That’s their prerogative, I’m sure.

Whether or not I have grounds to justly disagree with them on this, the fact remains that under the Tumblr Terms of Service, they are well within their rights to delete my Tumblr blogs as a punitive action should I continue to distribute the extension. They have informed me that this is the course of action they will take should I not acquiesce to their demands.

> >

So, tumblr is threatening to delete his PERSONAL BLOG if he doesn’t meet their (unrelated to his personal blog) demands?

Tumblr staff— I know you and you’re all smart, good people— is there a word for when you can’t get someone to do what you want, so you threaten to damage them personally in an unrelated way?

Are you really _holding users’ accounts hostage _because you don’t like the things that the things they build are popular with your users?


Noun: The practice of obtaining something through threats. 

> >

If you want to bring a cease-and-desist against missing-e, that’s your right. (And I suppose if you had a case, that’s what you would do.) But instead you’re threatening to delete a user’s personal account unless they remove a BROWSER add-on that doesn’t interact with your service and that thousands of your users love, because you don’t like its features?

Lots of people make lots of browser extensions for lots of sites, from youtube to facebook to everything else. The problem here seems to be that Jeremy’s extension is very popular. Wouldn’t the correct course of action be to, I don’t know, hire him?

Now, it’s true— I don’t have your side of the story. But that’s because tumblr hasn’t said anything publicly about this issue.

So please— you’re all intelligent, good people—** I would love to hear your side of this**.

Because given the positive experiences I’ve had with all of you, what I’m hearing just doesn’t make any sense to me.

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Whyday is Friday →

Even if you do nothing else to celebrate _why's anniversary, just read some of the stuff he wrote. I swear, the guy is what I imagine would have happened if David Foster Wallace had gotten really, really hooked on programming Ruby.

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* Black >
  • BMW
  • NO Plates
  • Parked IN a crosswalk
  • Parked ON the curb

Black BMWs®: Hard-shell Cases for Professional Assholes™.

Che Guevara of Power Eating

In person, Kobayashi is sweet, like a curious kid — unfailingly polite, charming and humble, with no brashness or other signs of rampaging ego. But he is hard on himself. He locks himself away performing dangerous feats because it is all he knows to do. He was the milk-drinking champ in school, the stew-eating champ in college, the winner of the biggest eating contest in Japan, then the Nathan's champ. Until he wasn't.

"Are you the Che Guevara of gurgitation or the Kenny Powers of power eating?" I asked him.

He paused, then laughed: "I am both!"

The Lonesome Independence Day Of Kobayashi, Eater In Exile

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I have no idea who is responsible for this. but good for them > >


**#reader submission

Zooborns →

Daily dose of cuteness - keeping track of all the new arrivals at zoos around the world.

Gibsonton, Florida →

Gibsonton is an unincorporated census-designated place in Hillsborough County, Florida, United States. The population was 8,752 at the 2000 census.

Gibsonton was famous as a sideshow wintering town, where various carnival "freaks" would spend the off season. It was home to Percilla the Monkey girl, the Anatomical Wonder, and the Lobster Boy. Siamese twin sisters ran a fruit stand here. At one time, it was the only post office with a counter for dwarves. Aside from the agreeable winter climate, Gibsonton offered unique circus zoning laws that allowed residents to keep elephants and circus trailers on their front lawns.


Using Youtube as a video time machine - pick a year, back to 1860, and check out all the cultural artifacts.

Also: holy shit, The Dig came out in 1995?! Man, that makes me feel old.

The Hobo Lobo of Hamelin →

Hobo Lobo of Hamelin is a thing by a dude, who’s all like, “I’M GONNA MAKE A THING.” And then he did. Or is doing. Or, you know, whatever. This dude can be found on the internet. He websites to put food on his family.

This is the future of internet storytelling.