September 1, 2020


My last update to this page was on January 3rd. And lots of things have changed since then. Let’s do this quickly.

  • COVID was a thing.
  • We moved back to Ireland. Poland was lovely but omfg being in a foreign country and away from all your family and friends during a global pandemic sure does put a lot of things in perspective.
  • Our dog died. My heart is still broken and I miss his little presence every single day.
  • My daughter started primary school here in Ireland.
  • The moving company still hasn’t delivered my tools, so all the little jobs around the house (like fixing the curtain rail my son literally ripped from the wall) can’t get done yet.
  • We’re trying to buy a car here now but getting no claims transferred from a foreign insurer is a nightmare.
  • I bought my first new personal computer in almost 9 years and it’s the most powerful Mac I’ve ever owned and that’s great but it also means I have no excuse for not doing all the cool shit I said I couldn’t do because my 2011 Mac Mini was holding me back.


The company I work for, NearForm, helped develop Ireland’s COVID tracker app and I couldn’t be more proud of them.


lol remember reading? I’ve finished one book since the lockdown started and that was Gideon the Ninth and it was pretty good, even if it suffered from the literary equivalent of what all Marvel films suffer from, which is that they feel like they have to end with a giant battle between CGI characters and that’s both dull and sometimes confusing.


Perry Mason has weirdly got its hooks in me. It’s very much a pulpy detective story and it’s gruesome as fuck – some scenes are lifted straight from rotten dot com – but it also has very little in the way of unnecessary tension which makes it amazing Sunday evening viewing.