October 9, 2019


Trying to get my head around kubernetes. Or well, getting my head around the technology is the easy part. But trying to get my head around whether or not it’s necessary or if it’s just the new shiny and I don’t actually need it at all.


I just upgraded my iPhone and iPad for the first time in 4 and 5 years respectively. Being off the yearly upgrade cycle is wonderful - some people have called the iPhone 11 “boring”, but as an upgrade from an ancient 6S+, it feels magical.

We’re entering Winter sickness season. Son has had a Rotavirus for 4 days and our Polish childminder is jamming her fingers the open wounds of our parental guilty and anxiety. “Have you called a doctor?” “It’s a rotavirus, there’s nothing a doctor can do.” “When my sister’s children were sick, she would give them flat Coca-cola.” “That’s great for your sister and her children but I’m not giving my children Coca-cola” (I have struggled with an addiction to Coca-cola and that’s a long story that probably needs a blog post of its own). This is one of the things I’m struggling with the most.

Discovered Homebrew has support for a Brewfile to make it easy to copy software installation from one Mac to another. Converting my setup scripts to use this instead.


  • Dune - Frank Herbert. I’ve never read this before. It’s a major nerd blind spot, so I’m trying to address it.
  • The Art of Noticing - Rob Walker. Trying to incorporate some more mindfulness into my day and this is a really great bit of encouragement for introspection.


  • Untitled Goose Game is a lovely gently relaxing way to spend a few hours
  • What the Golf has a crazy amount of inventiveness. It can be a little clever-clever and it has some ridiculous difficulty spikes (I’ve been stuck on one of the Meatboy-inspired levels for the past three days)