NPR's interview with Allie Brosh →

Allie Brosh (of Hyperbole and a Half) gave an amazing interview to Terry Gross a while ago where they cover a lot of subjects, including her struggles with depression. It’s the most honest and raw interview I’ve ever heard and I don’t want to ruin it. But she also talks about why she draws in such a deliberately crude style, which I found fascinating.

The reason I draw myself this way is that I feel that this absurd squiggly thing is actually a much more accurate representation of myself than I am. It’s a better tool for communicating my sense of humor and actually getting across what I’m trying to say than, say, being there in the flesh. …

It’s me on the inside. That’s what I’m like when I view myself. I am this crude absurd little thing, this squiggly little thing on the inside. So it’s more of a raw representation of what it feels like to be me.