I Love Spoilers →

I’m genuinely bothered by the rise of spoiler culture, where any talk about a piece of pop culture – even just mentioning the name – causes normally rational people to start shouting “no spoilers!” Personally speaking, I can think of at least three examples of where learning about a quote-unquote “spoiler” has caused me to actually check out something I otherwise wouldn’t (the most recent of these would be The Good Place, a show that hadn’t even hit my radar until I heard someone talking about the final episode of the first season, which made me want to watch the entire thing. And a good thing too because that’s one of the best shows on telly right now).

Although I almost choked on my cornflakes when I read this part:

Sebastian Starcevic, a journalist living in Australia, has written about his passion for spoilers as well. “I was actually sitting in the movie theater the other day watching a horror movie. I initially decided I wouldn’t spoil the movie for myself so I could enjoy it the way it was intended,” he told me over email. “By the first jump scare, though, I was skimming the Wikipedia page to find out who the serial killer was.“

Good grief Sebastian. Using your phone in a cinema?! Haven’t you read the Wittertainment code of conduct?