Guitar Hero 2 →

Things I love about Guitar Hero 2

  • Some of the songs are by the actual artists this time, not a stinkin’ cover band.

  • The character animation is more entertaining and, more importantly, actually relates to what you’re doing on your guitar-controller.

  • Cherry-red SG controller.

Things I hate about Guitar Hero 2

  • So. Fucking. Hard. I can do most songs in Guitar Hero 1 on ‘Expert’ without breaking a sweat. In Guitar Hero 2, Christ, ‘hard’ is actually… hard.

  • Some of the songs are really, really shit*. Example: Wolfmother? Really? (Here’s Mike Patton’s Take on Wolfmother: “Are you hearing this shit? What year are we in?”)

  • These stickers are fucking lame.

  • It’s not Gears of War :(

  • with a few exceptions. The major one being Trogdor, which is available as a hidden song. Trogdor comes in the NIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiight