Christmas movies in the Square →

Spotted over on the Dublin Community Blog, details of this year’s Christmas events taking place in the city.

Museums? Boring. Nativity with living animals? Opportunity to make my millions on You’ve Been Framed watching baby jesus being kicked in the head by a donkey.

But movies!

Temple Bar will be doing free movies in the square over Christmas. Totally free, don’t even need a ticket, you just turn up. The program includes:

Love Actually – Thursday 7th December, 6pm It’s a Wonderful Life – Saturday 9th December, 8pm Miracle on 34th Street – Thursday 14th December, 6pm The Santa Claus – Saturday 16th December, 8pm Santa Claus the Movie – Thursday 21st December, 6pm **Scrooged – Saturday 23rd December, 8pm**

Now I know where I’m going to be on Saturday 23rd December, 8pm. Anyone else coming along?