Nimona - How Are You I'm Fine Thanks »

TIL Nimona (one of my daughter’s favourite movies from last year) started life as a sketch on Tumblr.

Pluralistic: How I got scammed (05 Feb 2024) »

If Cory Doctorow can fall victim to a phishing scam, what hope do the rest of us have?

Coincidentally, someone on the Irish Tech Community slack reported that they were the victim of an attempt where their “bank” read out the first 8 digits of their virtual card and was asking them to read out the last 8. Turns out that you can basically construct the first 8 digits of any card if you know the card type, the issuer and the issuing country.

Let’s be careful out there.

How to Install Custom Fonts on Your Kindle »

This is probably old news, but TIL you can install your own fonts on your Kindle.

Zed Industries - Zed is now open source »

I’m a reluctant Visual Studio Code user. It’s got a lot of great design ideas but it’s so slowwwwww and I miss the speed of something like Sublime Text. Zed (from the makers of Atom) is an editor that prioritises speed but copies a lot from vscode. It’s just missing vscode’s massive extensibility, but now it’s been open sourced maybe that will change? One worth keeping an eye on.

Why Platformer is leaving Substack - by Casey Newton »

This is pretty huge - Casey Newton’s is taking his newsletter off of Substack because of its ridiculous policies on hate speech.

In 2023, we added more than 70,000 free subscribers. While I would love to credit that growth exclusively to our journalism and analysis, I believe we have seen firsthand how quickly and aggressively tools like <substack’s newsletter promotion features> can grow a publication.

And if Substack can grow a publication like ours that quickly, it can grow other kinds of publications, too.

All the Types of Science Fiction - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency »

I think I’ve read most of these books. My favourites are:

  1. Basically Mein Kampf

  2. Bomb Cock 2: Mutually Assured Destruction


  1. The Turing Test, but sexy

Galerie »

Wes Anderson has started a movie club/streaming site, where each month’s films are curated by different people like Mike Mills and Ari Wegner. So kind of like Mubi used to be? But it’s $10/month and the films are only streaming in the US. Cute idea but kind of a shit deal for non-US people.

 The Internet Is About to Get Weird Again »

Across today’s internet, the stores that deliver all the apps on our phones are cracking open, the walls between social media platforms are coming down as the old networks fail, the headlong rush towards AI is making our search engines and work apps weirder (and often worse!). But amidst it all, the human web, the one made by regular people, is resurgent. We are about to see the biggest reshuffling of power on the internet in 25 years, in a way that most of the internet’s current users have never seen before.

It’s happening dot gif

The 50 best albums of 2023 | The Guardian »

Bookmarking because I’m trying to collect as many recommendations for new music as I can. As I write this (21st December) they haven’t revealed their #1 slot, but if I was a betting man, I’d say it’s going to be Lankum’s False Lankum.

Update (24th December): I was right!

“If buying isn’t owning, piracy isn’t stealing” – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow »

But without Sony’s complicity in designing a remote, irreversible, nonconsensual downgrade feature into the Playstation, Zaslav’s war on art and creative workers would be limited to material that hadn’t been released yet. Thanks to Sony’s awful choices, David Zaslav can break into your house, steal your movies – and he doesn’t even have to leave a twenty on your kitchen table.

Moving country multiple times will change your relationship to physical media. I got rid of over 2,000 DVDs in 2012 because I couldn’t face the idea of packing and unpacking two dozen boxes of little shiny plastic discs one more time. But now in 2023, I’ve started buying physical media again because streaming is a fuckin dumpster-fire and even “buying” digital media is a minefield.

Maybe instead of spending money on blu-rays, I should invest that money in bigger hard drives for my NAS.