David Carr taking no shit from those vice dickheads


PT: The Movie

Someone put together all the best bits of PT (one of my favourite games of last year) and cut them together as a ‘found footage’ horror film. And you know what? It still scares the pants off me.

The Fleshlight Model Visits the Fleshlight Factory

My favourite part of this video is where she’s standing next to the owner of the fleshlight factory and the interviewer asks the owner “have you ever used the fleshlight?” and he’s like “of course!” then realises he’s standing next to the lady whose fake vagina he masturbated into. I haven’t seen anything that awkward in ages.

This is Water


A while ago, I went through a rough patch, both mentally and emotionally and this speech – specifically the audiobook version – helped get me through it. I’d listen to it at night when I was more likely to be hit with a panic attack and it helped calm me and also helped me think outside of myself, which was exactly what I needed.

God, I miss DFW.


Neven Mrgan on Why Skeuomorphism Is Like a Classic Car

God Only Knows

The Eyes Of Alfred Hitchcock

GIF's Visual Language In Music Videos

Star Wars Minus Williams