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Cards Against Humanity’s “$5 More” Black Friday Sale

We called our contact at Amazon and explained the idea for the sale to them. They thought it was funny but were also pretty annoyed – apparently monkeying with pricing on the biggest sales day of the year isn’t as funny to Amazon as it is to us.

I wish more companies were as playful or as honest as the Cards Against Humanity guys.


SimCity Designer Lovingly Crafts Handmade ‘Christmas Games’ – Wired
Every Christmas, Stone Librande makes a board game for his family to play. This is a perfect demonstration of why I’m so enamoured with board games – it takes a broad spectrum of extremely specialized skills to make a video game, but with enough imagination, you can easily make a board game with nothing more than bits and pieces you have lying around the house. I especially love the evolution of Librande’s “Maze Game” from a basic cardboard prototype to a gorgeous, intricate wood-and-tile version.