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I can’t say for certain, but I really hope that’s the first time a Tusken Raider has given me a boner.

Cultural Differences →

In Ireland, Bagels and garlic bread set for sharp price rise as VAT rules change

The price of bagels, croissants, garlic bread and a range of other similar products is likely to increase significantly in the weeks ahead after Revenue decided they were not sufficiently bread-like to be exempt from VAT.

Meanwhile, in America, U.S. Decides Pizza Sauce Is a Vegetable

A joint Senate-House panel of American lawmakers has caved in to the frozen food lobby by voting to uphold school lunch regulations that stipulate that tomato sauce in pizza counts as a vegetable serving.

I never thought I’d say this, but maybe it’s time Pat the Baker and Mister Brennan got together to form a lobby group of their own.

Collection of Skyrim Panoramas →

Some of these are unfathomably beautiful.

Quentin Tarantino is our Woodie Guthrie

Regardless of how you feel about Tarantino and his movies, I recommend that everyone reads Christian Thorne’s amazing essay “Tarantino, Nazis, and Movies That Can Kill You” (part 1, part 2).

Britta'd it

Really? As Donald Glover put it: Britta’d it. Community Benched in NBC Mid-Season Shuffle

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Riff Raff - 1976 and 2011. Part of Irina Werning’s amazing Back to the Future 2 series.

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Make it blue. Make it red. Make it a pony.

(via design work life » DDB: ADC Annual Awards Call for Entries Campaign)

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Visits Occupy Wall Street →

from Laughing Squid Links

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Christian anti-abortion ‘social justice’ group hands out fetus dolls for Halloween (For the story and video, click image or here; Found at Jesus Needs New PR)

Back in the radio station I worked in, we used to get all these things that were like Argos catalogues for God-botherers. You could buy bumper stickers like “My other car is a HEAVENLY CHARIOT” and stuff like that. At the back of the catalogue were all these pro-life tchotchkes. You could buy these plastic foetus models to hand out at anti-abortion rallies. You could buy them in bulk. Like 30 for $50.

I always wanted to get a batch of the little ones, put them in the freezer, and use them instead of ice at parties. Except I’m not sure I trust the manufacturers to use the kind of high-quality plastic that wouldn’t give me cancer or whatever.