‘Out There’ at the Barkley: Portraits From the Edge of Endurance

The Barkley is the world’s toughest race you’ve never heard of. With 59,100 feet of climb and decent over 100 miles, it’s considered the most difficult endurance event on the planet. In its 25-year history, only twelve men, the same amount of men who have walked on the moon, have actually been able to finish the race.

Before and after shots of some of the competitors. Look at these faces. These people have stared into the abyss.


Humans hot, sweaty, natural-born runners – physorg.com

While more than a million humans run marathons voluntarily each year, most animals we consider excellent runners — antelopes and cheetahs, for example — are built for speed, not endurance. Even nature’s best animal distance runners — such as horses and dogs — will run similar distances only if forced to do so, and the startling evidence is that humans are better at it, Lieberman said.

Modern humans and their immediate ancestors such as Homo erectus sport several adaptations that make humans, instead of some ferocious, furry, or fleet creature, the animal world’s best distance runners.


The Bureaucracy of Videogames: Why San Andreas Had to Tone Down the Sex – wired.com

Unfortunately, here is the situation,” Donovan wrote in an e-mail to Sam on Aug. 16, 2004, and proceeded to list the necessary changes.
“Hooker in car blow job — we need to show much less of the critical mouth to penis area.
“Hooker Stand Up Blow Job — this needs to be removed or implied.
“Sex with girlfriend — essentially this is all beyond the bounds of M and 18 ratings, and needs to be removed or implied.
“Sex shop workers need to have slightly more nipple coverage particularly for the States.
“Key to her heart spanking date scene needs to be removed, as it constitutes sexualized violence which is a huge problem.
“Blow job in back room of dealer’s house is cool however.


An interview with Chet Faliszek, writer at Valve Software

For Portal 2 the script was written mainly in Word. The Left 4 Deads have so many lines that need to fire under certain conditions; we track it all in database software – Visual FoxPro 6. This results in my often being lazy and writing directly into the tables and then writing a script to output a Word document to take to the recording studio. I think it is safe to say, L4D2 is the only game written in Visual Foxpro. I don’t really recommend it.