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I think part of the reason people reacted so badly to Alien 3 (quite apart from the fact the final release got mangled by the studio) was because the tone of the film was so dramatically different to the other two movies. A penal planet populated by rapists, murderers and thieves is a tough sell.

But before Fincher came in, Alien 3 was set on 'a religious colony that had escaped the earth and inhabited an abandoned commercial facility deep in space' who 'had adopted a Medieval way of life, without electricity or modern technology'.

Now, that would have been a much tougher sell.

Regardless of how you feel about Alien 3 it's hard to look at these concept drawings and not feel sad about what could have been.

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Frankly, there's no-one I'd rather hear discussing the work of Ray and Charles Eames than Ice Cube.

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More than anything else I've read on the topic, Courtney Stanton does a great job of explaining why it's so sad that Google are nerfing Google Reader

For me, this is the destruction of the only online space I truly give a shit about. (Sorry Twitter, Facebook, etc.) I’m actually really upset about this, as it’s eliminating a social space I’ve been participating in for several years.

He also does a terrific job of explaining why 'plus' isn't a great replacement for the functionality.

I don’t care if Google wants Plus to get bigger, I care about me and my friends who seek to read and discuss the entire internet every day. Is there really no space for different kinds of people to form different kinds of social spaces in Google products? Are they really that fucking stupid about how communities work?

Or, as I suspect, is it just that Buzz and gReader aren’t nearly as effective as Plus at collecting data about my internet use?

No YOU'RE crying

"It was really strange, they were holding hands, and dad stopped breathing but I couldn't figure out what was going on because the heart monitor was still going," said Dennis Yeager. "But we were like, he isn't breathing. How does he still have a heart beat? The nurse checked and said that's because they were holding hands and it's going through them. Her heart was beating through him and picking it up."

"They were still getting her heartbeat through him," said Donna Sheets.

"They just loved being together," said Dennis Yeager.

Couple Married 72 Years Dies Holding Hands

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(via GamOvr)

No. Just no.

I had been obliged to watch two hours of literally senseless violence being perpetrated on something I loved dearly. In fact, the sense of violation was so strong that it felt as though I had witnessed a rape.

There are a few, horrible cases where this sentence would be justified. Sorry, Nicholas Lezard, but watching Tintin is not one of them.

Generation X Doesn't Want to Hear It →

Generation X is sick of your bullshit.

In fairness, Generation X could use a better spokesperson. Barack Obama is just a little too senior to count among its own, and it has debts older than Mark Zuckerberg. Generation X hasn’t had a real voice since Kurt Cobain blew his brains out, Tupac was murdered, Jeff Mangum went crazy, David Foster Wallace hung himself, Jeff Buckley drowned, River Phoenix overdosed, Elliott Smith stabbed himself (twice) in the heart, Axl got fat.

The Guardian iPad edition design evolution →

The Guardian design team shows the various stages of the evolution of their iPad app. This is one of the most beautifully designed newspaper applications I've ever used - a perfect marriage of interface and content. I'll definitely be subscribing.

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what’s the matter with your world? > >

How Vimeo Lost Me →

This is unfortunate. Trauma is a beautiful game, and one that screenshots can't do justice - you have to see the game in action to fully appreciate and understand it. I'm really sad to read about the amount of hassle the developer went through.

I appreciate Vimeo wanting to keep their site free from commercial abuse, but some of their rules honestly make me worry that pretty soon, their site will be nothing but videos of people testing their cameras.


Last night, I saw my hundredth movie of 2011 - Paddy Considine's amazing directorial debut, Tyrannosaur. I know this was my hundredth because I've been keeping a spreadsheet of all the movies I've watched this year, like some kind of weird, compulsive, anal-retentive nerd.

I don't know why I started keeping a spreadsheet in the first place - it doesn't inform my choice of movies or anything. I'll still sit down and watch a piece of shit movie knowing it'll end up in the spreadsheet, like a permanent black mark against my better judgement.

Anyway, some statistics:

  • 100 movies in what? 41 weeks? Averaging out to 2.44 movies per week.

  • I give six movies the highest score of '5' - The Arbor, Serpico, LA Confidential, My Neighbour Totoro, Bronson, Tyrannosaur.

  • I gave seven movies the lowest score of '1' - Tron Legacy, Warhammer 40k, The Black Dahlia, The Fast and the Furious, Escape from the Planet of the Apes, Battle for Planet of the Apes, Conan the Barbarian (remake).

  • The average score across all one hundred movies is 2.96. Which feels a lot higher than it should be, given the amount of absolute shite I've been watching.

Anyway, if you'd like to see the spreadsheet, knock yourself out. But don't you judge me. DON'T YOU JUDGE ME.

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Siri's take on the meaning of life.

One of many easter eggs.

Thank You Steve →


![]( > >

This is my favorite photo of Steve Jobs. Leaning forward to connect with his wife after his keynote presentation at the 2011 WWDC. You can almost feel the relief and accomplishment radiating from him.

When I see this photo, I see a man who bent every fiber of his will toward a goal so lofty, so seemingly unattainable that no one thought it was possible, and at the end of that race, with the task completed, he closed his eyes and rested.

Thank you Steve. I’ll miss you.

For a man who guarded his personal brand so jealously, these moments -- moments where the guard drops just a little and we see the man underneath -- are really striking.

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Alfred Hitchcock and Ina Balke. I love this picture so much.