What do Hate Groups Think of Jennifer Lawrence?

Hey there. I was just wondering if you could tell me your opinions on Jennifer Lawrence? Tony Alamo Christian Ministries: I have no idea who that is.

You know who Jennifer Lawrence is! She just won the Best Actress Oscar? She was the one who tripped on the stairs when she was going to get her award, and it was adorable?
This is Tony Alamo Christian Ministries. This is a church. 

You didn't see the Oscars this year?
Did you call us because you have nothing better to do? Let me just say, real quick, the Lord's coming back. Very soon. And He's not gonna ask you how many movies you saw or which celebrities you knew. He's gonna ask you what you did for his son, Jesus. He died on the cross, and He did that just for you, and that's what we preach.

**Wait, are you doing that thing where people pretend they don't know what someone or something is to seem cool? Like, my friend is really cerebral and is into a bunch of obscure old music, and one time he claimed he didn't know who the Spice Girls are. Which, obviously, is bullshit. **
Did you hear anything that I just said?

This is Water

I really miss David Foster Wallace.

Top 10 Free Kindle Books - "Politics & Social Science" section

A list without judgement:

  • Preparing for the Coming Collapse of the U.S. Dollar 2nd Edition (Surviving in the New America)

  • The Poor Man's Prepping Guide: How to Prepare for Disaster on a Shoestring Budget (Stay Alive)

  • The Art of War

  • Delusions of Grandeur

  • The United States Constitution

  • The Bug Out Bag: What You Need to Stay Alive

  • How To Survive: The End Of The World (How to Survive the Apocalypse)

  • Bug Out: What to Do When It's Time to Get Out of Dodge

  • Death by China: Confronting the Dragon - A Global Call to Action

  • Beyond Good and Evil

I'll Dance Again

Hell, yeah, I’ve had plenty [of dark moments]. I’ve thrown my walker across the room and haven’t used it yet. But I realized you have to be selfish about the things that matter the most. My husband. The job I love. Dancing is my life. Yeah, having my foot blown off, that really sucks. But I can’t wallow in woe is me.

I can’t let some (expletive) come along and steal my whole life. So, I’ll dance again. And next year, though I’ve never been a runner, yes, I plan to run the marathon.

-- Adrianne Haslet-Davis might be my new hero

Cary Grant on Style

I'm reminded of a piece of advice my father gave me regarding shoes: it has stood me in good stead whenever my own finances were low. He said it's better to buy one good pair of shoes than four cheap ones. One pair made of fine leather could outlast four inferior pairs, and, if well cared for, would continue to proclaim your good judgment and taste no matter how old they become.

-- Cary Grant on Style

BBC defends Baroness Thatcher Ding Dong song decision →

This is really interesting. Even though the song is back in the charts, the BBC will only play 5 seconds of 'Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead' on the Chart Show. They're not censoring a song, they're censoring a context.

Roger Corman school of Game Development →

After he finished filming The Raven, Roger Corman decided that since he already had the large, gothic sets built, he could re-use them (and sets leftover from other films) to quickly knock together another film, The Terror. He effectively got two films for (roughly) the price of one.

With another console cycle just around the corner, we can expect a tidal wave of news stories about the rising cost of game development. "Now that everything is in super-high-res 4K HD, creating art assets costs more than the GDP of some European nations" they'll probably say.

This is why I love what Ubisoft have done with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Rather than just scrapping all the work they did on Far Cry 3, or even just knocking together some boring DLC for extra multiplayer maps, they're re-using the assets in a completely new and interesting way. A way I'm really excited to play.

Inside the Old City Hall Subway Station →

I've mentioned this before, but I always find it weird when I read about these "hidden" places that I've visited in a videogame (in this case, I think a level of The Darkness took place in this subway station). It's weird to have memories of places you've never visited before.


I never really understood the point of Vine before. Now I get it. I totally get it.

Frequency Illusion

Sophia Coppola and Kristen Sheridan have both got new movies out about a group of attractive young teenagers who break into the houses of rich people.


The Bling Ring

Is there something to be read into this? Is this a subject that especially appeals to daughters of directors past their prime? Should we expect Jennifer Lynch to complete the trifecta? Or is this just one of those things, like A Bug's Life and Antz landing at the same time? I don't know. Do I care? No. I'm just killing time here.