Google maps 37Signals with Flickr iPod →

H. pointed me to the awesome Cory Doctorow Visits a Radio Shack. It’s completely hilarious and very well written. My favourite bit:

(AWKWARD SILENCE) CORY DOCTOROW: Google maps 37Signals with Flickr iPod. EMPLOYEE: What? CORY DOCTOROW: I didn't say anything. Now, about this cell phone…

The phrase “Google maps 37Signals with Flickr iPod” has been adopted as a convenient shorthand for when I make a simple problem more complicated by adding layer upon layer of technology. Take last night, for example.

"So I'll put our itinerary into my Google Calendar, subscribe to it in my iCal and then synchronize that to my phone with Bluetooth" _"Couldn't you just put it on some paper?"_ "Yes, but..." _"Google maps 37Signals with Flickr iPod"_