Ice Cube Celebrates The Eames

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One small step for man

Ireland’s late entry into the space race.

Wil Wheaton's new board game webseries


My new show, #Tabletop, premieres today. Episode 1, Small World, with @day9tv, @grantimahara, and @jennabusch is LIVE! 

Table Top Episode 1: Small World (by geekandsundry)



Early Bird Special: YouTuber danielbwilson writes: “Discovered completely by accident by putting the toys away, it just had to be recorded and shared. Alone these toys seem innocent, but together, it is just wrong. Elmo Live and Tickle Me Extreme Cookie Monster.”


Confrontation Mashup

48 films’ worth of ownage in two minutes.


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Spielberg, fresh off Jaws, watching the 1976 Oscar nominations.

“I didn’t get it! I wasn’t nominated! I got beaten out by Fellini!”

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If you’ve got 35 minutes to spare, you could do a lot worse than spending it in the company of Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer, talking about graphic adventures.

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Hereford, Hereford, Hereford.

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Double Fine are using Kickstarter to fund their new adventure game. 140% funded in 24 hours.

Seriously, this is monumental.

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DISNEY HISTORY INSTITUTE: Disneyland Canon: 1957 via Waxy

One thing stood out watching this amazingly restored home video of Disneyland. With ‘Main Street USA’, Walt Disney was attempting to recreate the atmosphere of small-town America that he grew up with - the America of the 1900s and 1910s. This video is from 1957, so most of the people walking through this section of Disneyland had either direct memories of this period or were only one generation removed from it.

If you visit Disneyland now, you’ll walk down a Main Street USA that is still going for that same atmosphere of turn-of-the-century Americana, even though the people visiting it are likely four or five generations removed from this period. They don’t have any nostalgia for this time. They probably don’t even know what the hell a “Penny Arcade” is.

Interestingly, if Walt Disney was just getting started today, and was building his first park now, the atmosphere of small-town America he would be creating would actually be the America of the mid-1950s - the time when Disneyland was actually built.