Booting from a vinyl record – BOGIN, JR. →

Oh, your OS boots from a floppy disk? That’s cute too, I guess.

mom friend™ on Twitter: 'This thread is evidence of the way TikTok’s duet feature can result in the most hilarious and creative collaborations.' →

I know I’m not exactly the target market for this stuff, but I think TikTok is just about the last great thing on the internet right now.

Orthographic media →

Robin Sloan:

Browsing Twitter the other day, I once again found myself sucked into a far-off event that truly does not matter, and it occurred to me that social media is an orthographic camera.

This has been stuck in my brain since Robin mentioned it because I think he’s hit the nail right on the head. I look at my Twitter timeline and see jokes and breakfast updates and outrage given the same space and importance as world-changing news events. No wonder we’re all so exhausted.

An AI generated blog made it to the top of Hacker News →

My (least?) favourite part of this story is that some people noticed it might have been written by an AI because there was nothing substantial being said and it was pure regurgitation and these people got downvoted for being rude.

A perfect encapsulation of the Internet in 2020.

Alanis Morissette: Ablaze (TV Debut) - YouTube →

This is just adorable but it’s also is a great example of how hard is to be a parent and not let your parenting affect your day job.

Andy Samberg Makes Each Day Count With Thundercat and ‘Not Too Much’ Bourbon - The New York Times →

Andy Samberg recommends some things he’s been enjoying recently. His review of Portrait of a Lady on Fire is pretty spot-on.

Andrew Canion - Replicating Features in Regular Email Systems →

I love Hey a lot, but I’m not really sure this needed to be a platform as opposed to just an extension of a client. Andrew Canion does a great job of showing how close you can get with just MailMate.

MailMate and Tagging - →

If you need more examples of how powerful MailMate is once you get your head around it, Brett Terpstra has you covered.

The Technium: 68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice →

To commemorate his 68th birthday, Kevin Kelly came up with 68 bits of unsolicited advice. Knowledge he’s gathered over his 68 years. And they’re all wonderful. My absolute favourite is

Being enthusiastic is worth 25 IQ points.

This is something I’ve only recently come to realise and I’ve been trying to apply it wherever I can. Go read the rest, they’re worth your time.

Protecting Lives & Liberty: How Contact Tracing Can Foil COVID-19 & Big Brother →

There’s an old, not very funny joke about the two hardest things in computer science being cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors.

But I’d like to add that the real hardest thing is taking complicated concepts and explaining them in simple language so that even non-computer-people can comprehend them. And that’s something Nicky Case is great at. Along with security & privacy researcher Carmela Troncoso and epidemiologist Marcel Salathé, Nicky came up an explanation of how DP-3T works that is so great, so understandable that I’d feel comfortable showing it to my mother so she could make sense of it.

The reason I’m linking to it, besides it being a great example of how to do explainers like this properly, is that this is kiiiinda like the model proposed by both Google and Apple for their contact tracing protocol, and that’s probably something that’s going to become incredibly important over the next few months so it’s important people understand it.