People from all over the world are sending emails to Melbourne’s trees

Melbourne gave 70,000 trees email addresses so people could report on their condition. But instead people are writing love letters, existential queries and sometimes just bad puns.

This is just lovely. My favourite line is “Hope it all goes well with the photosynthesis”.


Peter Sagal – The Case Against Running With Headphones

I have a friend who wears headphones on long solo runs because, he says, “I can’t spend that much time alone in my head.” I disagree. He can, and he should. Spending that much time inside one’s head, along with the voices and the bats hanging from the various dendrites and neurons, is one of the best things about running, or at least one of the most therapeutic. Your brain is like a duvet cover: Every once in a while, it needs to be aired out.

As someone who can’t do basic household chores like washing dishes or folding laundry without a pair of headphones, this cut me deep.


Titanic in Unreal 4

We visited the Titanic museum in Belfast last year and it was a great museum but honestly, this connected with me on a much deeper level. There’s a good reason the narrator keeps saying “just imagine”.

Because just imagine.


The Graphic Art of Incredibles 2

The best part of The Incredibles 2 wasn’t the story but the amazing world they built. This is a great, tiny peek into the design process behind creating that world.


The Night Watch

This is some pretty cool news – the Rijiksmuseum in Amsterdam will be livestreaming their restoration of Rembrandt’s The Night Watch.

If you don’t know much about this painting then you can do a lot worst than checking out Peter Greenaway’s film Night Watching, which is a weirdly mesmerizing primer on the history behind the painting, told as if it was a Rembrandt painting itself.


The Google Pixel 3 Is A Very Good Phone. But Maybe Phones Have Gone Too Far.

My neck hurts. I am never not looking down. When I am not looking at my phone, I become slightly anxious. And then, when I do actually look at it, I become even more so. It reminds me of how I once felt about cigarettes. I experience the world with a meticulously crafted, tiny computer slab between me and it. I am an asshole. But so, maybe, are you?

Instead of the usual gushing over the new shiny, I wish more people wrote phone reviews like this.


Apple Watch Series 4 Fall Detection Tested By a Hollywood Stunt Double

The new Apple Watch OS has improved “exercise detection”. Except when I’m sitting on the couch, rocking the baby to sleep, it will buzz and say “It looks like you’re doing an elliptical workout, track it?”. At least the fall detection looks like it actually works.


Net Split or, the Fathomless Heartbreak of Online Itself | MC Frontalot

I have a really low tolerance for nerdcore, but this is actually pretty good. And it speaks volumes that even MC Frontalot is sorta renouncing nerd culture. From “Internet Sucks”:

I don’t love you any more internet
You used to be a safe home for my nerd hard and my intellect
Now you got so much hate but you just gotta interject
Now you got too many chefs up in your kitchenette


Apple buys animated film from Kilkenny-based Cartoon Saloon

Delighted for Cartoon Saloon. They’re quietly pumping out some of the loveliest animations I’ve seen in a long time — like Ghibli at their finest. If you don’t believe me, check out Puffin Rock on Netflix, which is a genuinely great children’s cartoon that’s full of charm and wit and visual inventiveness and it tells stories about friendship and intelligence that have none of the normal moralising one traditionally associates with children’s tv.