Inside the Old City Hall Subway Station.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I always find it weird when I read about these “hidden” places that I’ve visited in a videogame (in this case, I think a level of The Darkness took place in this subway station). It’s weird to have memories of places you’ve never visited before.



I never really understood the point of Vine before. Now I get it. I totally get it.


Frequency Illusion

Sophia Coppola and Kristen Sheridan have both got new movies out about a group of attractive young teenagers who break into the houses of rich people.


The Bling Ring

Is there something to be read into this? Is this a subject that especially appeals to daughters of directors past their prime? Should we expect Jennifer Lynch to complete the trifecta? Or is this just one of those things, like A Bug’s Life and Antz landing at the same time? I don’t know. Do I care? No. I’m just killing time here.


Kentucky Route Zero


Dead End Thrills is a lovely blog that takes screenshots of beautiful games and presents them as best they can. For example, to generate this lovely image from Stalker, they used nine graphical mods. These are things you can add to the game to make it look even prettier. To produce the image from Kentucky Route Zero above? None. Just a bit of offline antialiasing in Photoshop to smooth some of the lines.

It’s a beautiful game. And now you can buy it on Steam.