Facebook on Friendship

>Facebook runs on a very stiff, crude model of what people are like. It herds everybody — friends, co-workers, romantic partners, that guy who lived on your block but moved away after fifth grade — into the same big room. It smooshes together your work self and your home self, your past self and your present self, into a single generic extruded product. **It suspends the natural process by which old friends fall away over time, allowing them to build up endlessly, producing the social equivalent of liver failure**. On Facebook, there is one kind of relationship: friendship, and you have it with everybody. You’re friends with your spouse, and you’re friends with your plumber.
[– Time.com profile of Mark Zuckerberg, their person of the year 2010](http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/printout/0,29239,2036683_2037183_2037185,00.html)