Horrorthon 2010

We’re five days into October and I haven’t watched a single fucking horror movie. Which makes me wish I was back in Ireland because I could set all that right over the course of a weekend, because it’s time for Horrorthon 2010Of course, I could set that right over the course of a weekend myself, but watching 29 horror films in five days on your own is pretty tough going.. Here’s this year’s programme and some useful links:

Thursday October 21st

20.45 Paranormal Activity 2 imdb trailer
22.45 The Pack (La Meute) imdb trailer

Friday October 22nd

14.00 Carrie imdb trailer
15.50 The Night of the Hunter imdb trailer
17.30 Shadow imdb trailer
19.00 Island of Death imdb video review
21.25 Primal imdb trailer
23.00 The Apple imdb trailer
00.30 Finale imdb trailer

Saturday October 23rd

13.00 The Amityville Horror imdb trailer
15.10 Altitude imdb trailer
16.50 Phenomena imdb trailer
19.20 Spiderhole imdb trailer
21.00 I Spit on Your Grave imdb trailer
23.00 Birdemic: Shock and Terror imdb trailer
00.30 Siege of the Dead (Rammbock) imdb trailer

Sunday October 24th

13.00 Hershell Gordon Lewis: the Godfather of Gore imdb trailer
15.00 Ed Wood imdb trailer
17.30 The Reef imdb trailer
19.15 Surprise Film
21.10 Amer imdb trailer
23.00 Plan 9 from Outer Space imdb trailer
00.15 Loose Screws: Screwballs 2 imdb trailer
01.30 Blood info

Monday October 25th

12.30 Horrorthon Short Film Showcase
14.15 Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship & Videotape info trailer
15.45 Killer Klowns from Outer Space imdb trailer
17.25 Red Hill imdb trailer
19.10 Gremlins 2: The New Batch imdb trailer
21.10 Monsters imdb trailer

There’s a lot of good stuff on there (and a lot of cheese too). Best of all, it looks like the organisers have done a better job this year of balancing each day so there is at least some semblance of logic behind the programme. So, well done to them on thatBut seriously, Screwballs 2?! Are you just openly mocking your audience now?.

Obviously, being a few thousand miles away and having not timed my trip back to Ireland properly, I’m not going to be able to go to any of these movies (and believe me, I’d love to be going — this is the first time in years I’ve felt sad about missing the Horrorthon). But if I were going, the three films I’d be most psyched to check out Shadow, Amer and Monsters. Having said that, there’s at least three films each day that I’d be very happy to check out.

As for the surprise film… well, now’s the time to start guessing. Given their history of going for Irish premieres and the sub-115 minute runtime, my guess is it will either be Let Me In, Burke and Hare or Saw 3D.

Please, God, don’t let it be Saw 3D.