Saving for a rainy, snowy, haily, sleety day

Rainy day coins

Taking advantage of the rotten weather on Sunday, myself and H. decided to count and bag my jar of rainy-day coins. We stuck Clerks 2 on in the background and got counting. Three hours later, we were finished.

All along, we’d been taking guesses. Started with EUR160, which we thought was a little high. Boy, were we wrong.

At the end, we had €530.56, $40.69, £8.08, and 4,524 Hungarian forints.

That PlayStation 3 is looking mighty tempting now.


One thought on “Saving for a rainy, snowy, haily, sleety day

  1. Brendanger says:

    Inspired by this, I counted by money pile:

    yen 1108 (almost entirely comprised of 1 yen coins) dollars .30 punt 1

    The lack of a single cent of real money gives away my poor studenthood. Don’t even want a playstation anyway.

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