Like the new digs?

In case you wonder why things have been so quiet around here (as I’m sure many of you have, it’s like the new “Who shot JR?”: “Why is so quiet?”), well, here’s your answer.

Well, for one, I’ve moved to a new host. One that will hopefully beat my last host’s record of 50% uptime. One that has already beat my last host’s record of 50K download speed.

More noticeably, I’ve redecorated. The new design is tidier and cleaner. And finally gives me a way to work Rodney Dangerfield into the design of the site.

So will all this mean more posts around here?

Probably not.


An Open Letter to Bank of Ireland

Hi guys,

I’m feeling pretty dumb about losing my wallet, especially when I’m 90% sure it just dropped out of my pocket while I was taking a dump in McDonalds. But seriously, who the fuck thought it would be a good idea to have “Cry Me a River” in the hold music for your ’emergency helpline’? Can we fire them? Please?

Regards, etc.

(I’m so glad I had my phone on speakerphone so my girlfriend could hear this shit, at least someone knows I’m not making this shit up.)

Anyway, other stuff I need to get replaced:

  1. Credit Card
  2. Laser Card
  3. Cineworld Card “There’s a €16 replacement fee, but I’ll waive that because you’ve been a member for 2 years.”
  4. Library Card
  5. Driver’s License

Update: Crisis over. A couple of days after I lost my wallet, I got a very panicked phone call from my very panicked mother who had just received a visit from the Gardai asking if I lived there. Someone found my wallet in McDonalds and handed it in (but not before making off with the money in it; they even swiped the four US dollar bills(?!!)). The Gardai found my address because of my Driving License.

I’m a little disappointed now though. The few days of being without an identity (and financially fluid) were kind of liberating.


Review: Messiah J & The Expert – Now This I Have to Hear

(or: Why [Irish] hip hop sucks in ’06)

Questions that crossed my mind when listening to this album:

  1. What year do these guys think it is?
  2. What’s with the accent? Does he think he’s in House of Pain?
  3. Can this guy actually rap about anything except rapping?

Give me DisFunktional any day.


District 13 Dubbing

Before you press “play” on your new District 13 DVD, make sure you turn on the English dubbing. For one, playing it with subtitles will fool noone; the movie is thick as pigshit in any language.

But mostly you’re only getting half the value for money with the subtitles, because the dubbing is easily more entertaining than the movie itself. Bizarrely incongruous with the rest of the movie and the rest of the cast, the main character and his sister have thick, Colin Farrell-esque Oirish accents that had me laughing my ass off every time they spoke.

Worth the price of the DVD alone.


Let’s hug it out, bitch

From Popbitch:

A recent conquest of Entourage’s Jeremy Piven
says that, alas, TV’s Mr 10% is, in reality,
still Mr 10%. She says unfortunately it
“was not even fun size.”

Even though I’m a heterosexual guy in a happy, loving relationship, I was still disappointed by this news.