Horrorthon 2006

Picked up my tickets for this year’s Horrorthon. I’ve usually gone to one or two showings each year, but this is the first year I’ve been interested enough to buy a full festival ticket. Highlights for me are

Also looking forward to The Fairies of Blackheath Wood, which was directed by a guy I went to school with.

I’ve added this year’s program to Google Calendar and upcoming.org.

Anyone else going?


2 thoughts on “Horrorthon 2006

  1. bobby digital says:

    hey jk, would love to go. how much is thev festival pass? keep missing this festival every year but am well up for a few showings

  2. John Kelly says:

    Opening/closing night films – E10 each, all other films E9 each.

    One day pass: E36 Two day pass: E62 Three day pass: E90 Four day pass: E115 Festival pass: E120

    Helena’s coming with me to see Pan’s Labyrinth, you should come along to that!

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