Wii details revealed

Three days of Nintendo confrences, three days of non-stop Wii information. Here’s the bits we care about:

Wii will launch in Ireland on December 8th for EUR250. It will come with a Wii-mote, a nunchuck controller and a copy of Wii sports. Zelda will be available at launch, as well as the new Super Monkey Ball. The games are expected to cost between EUR49 and EUR59.

After hearing that the Wii will be launched in the US in November and Japan on December 8th, I was half expecting Nintendo to push the European release back to Q1 2007. So I’m thrilled about this – I’ve already cleared off a Gamecube-sized space under my telly in anticipation.

On a similar note, anyone want a well-used Gamecube?


2 thoughts on “Wii details revealed

  1. mutt says:

    (Allegedly) Smyths will have them in stock by the 23rd of November and their stock goes to the names on their Wii list first (25 euro deposit to put your name down). This was told to me by a friends friend who’s an employee at the local Smyths so YMMV.

    He also said the price will be 230e.

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