LED Pac Man Bicycle Wheels

LED Pac Man

The world just got 35% more amazing. Uses persistence of vision to ‘draw’ images on your bike wheels. Not only does it look amazing, but it’s functional as well – people can’t exactly say they didn’t see you when you’ve got 60 LEDs showing Pac-man chasing a ghost on your wheels. And the guy girl who created it has put the instructions on her website so you can make it yourself!

Unfortunately, you couldn’t have something like this in Dublin. From personal experience, I’ve learned that in this city, when people see something cool, they try and break it or take it for themselves.
(Still bitter about my bike being stolen.)

(via makezine)


2 thoughts on “LED Pac Man Bicycle Wheels

  1. Pjup. says:

    Completly amazing.

    And totally true.

    Driving through Finglas (My Ghetto) last week in my super cool whip, and a bunch of toerags noticed that I was driving something other than a Honda Civic done up to look like the millenium falcon, so they started to throw stones at me.

    Fortunately, I just hit the express* button on my hot-rod and sped out of there.

    (* the accelerator)

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