Mel Gibson Has Officially Lost It.

The trailer for Mel Gibson’s “Apocalypto” has emerged from the ether with Kottke and others are pointing out how awful-looking it is. And true, at this early stage it’s like a heavy-handed mix of Terrence Malick and Baraka (but without any of the nice things such a mix would suggest).

He’s got a bit of reputation as a ‘prankster’ director (on one of the making-of featurettes on the Braveheart DVD, you can see Gibson reading “Directing an Epic for Dummies”). But I’m going to say that this is just a ruse. Gibson has officially Lost It and is now certifiably batshit insane. As evidence for this, I present this image which you will find as a single frame cut into an intense part of the trailer. You’ll have to go through the trailer frame-by-frame to find it yourself.

Southpark may have been closer to the truth than we know. Kaablaa!


3 thoughts on “Mel Gibson Has Officially Lost It.

  1. Cliph says:

    I’m glad someone else thougt it looked like Baraka! The first half of that trailer is heavily “influenced” by Ron Fricke.

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  3. Mel gibson should in the next few weeks become “legally” insane. And i agree with the southpark comment. I think they are right on. I live in L.A. and i have seen him various times at the restraunt that i bar tend. He is one drunken, mentally unstable, “all people” molesting”, loud, annoying, bisexual, crosseyed, psyco i have EVER seen. And this is BEFORE he is drunk. I mean SERIOUSLY who in their right mind would waste millions (overexagerating) of dollars on some film about natives without a single word of English in it? Mel Gibson is going to be the next michael jackson. (Made fun of in dozens of show and movies. And he deserves to be. If i could be stuck in a room with one of those two for two days with nothing but food, i would chose the “person” with at least a “somewhat” functional brain. A.K.A. Michael.

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