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Irish bloggers have taken the question of “why can’t we have more geek get-togethers like [Bar Camp] in Ireland?” and run with it. TechCamp was born almost overnight.

It’s a really good idea, and it’s really encouraging to see people taking a pro-active stance with regards the things they’d like to see being done. Until now, the closest thing Irish geeks have to this kind of thing is the occasional LinuxWorld, which staggers between inaccessible to all but the most hardcore geeks and irrelevant to all but IT managers with huge budgets.

But, as it stands, TechCamp is suffering from an extremely blog-heavy proposal of events. Things like “How to blog”, “How to promote your blog” and “How to get others to blog” well… just aren’t of much interest to me. I’d rather see a more diverse agenda, one covering not only aspects of geek life, but of geek life in Ireland specifically.

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4 thoughts on “TechCamp Ireland

  1. Ed Byrne says:

    Hi John,

    If you look at the Wiki now, I think you’ll see a lot more attendees talking about more technical stuff.

    What not register yourself and a topic of interest, and your welcome to edit the ‘Sessions we’d Like to See’ section with things you’d like to see – maybe someone will see if and provide!

  2. John Kelly says:

    Hi Ed,

    You’re absolutely right: Put Up or Shut Up. So I’ve put up.

    I’ve got a couple of talks I could possibly give – one on Getting Things Done/Geek Productivity, and another on Geeks in the City, how technology is changing the way we, as geeks, interact with our city.

  3. Ed Byrne says:

    Great – look forward to it John – I got have way through GTD, so would love to hear your perspective on it!

    Keep an eye on the wiki – changes to come (a page for each attendee to put in detail on their talk type thing, and a better organised schedule that’ll need filling in).

  4. It would be interesting to see whether the wiki gets used as an after-action report generator. I enjoyed the talks I heard and plan to mention that on the wiki.

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