Who Done a Fart?

Since moving apartment, I’ve had to change my route to work. Now, I walk down the road beside the Guinness Brewery – Watling Street, which takes me onto Thomas Street.

In a city full of foul-smelling streets, I would like to nominate Watling Street as the foulest. Imagine the smell of a pub at closing time. That smell of spilled beer starting to congeal and sour. Now imagine that condensed to the point where it causes you to gag. And throw in some sewage gas for good measure. That’s what Watling Street smells like.

It’s so bad that I’m considering changing my route to work – going five minutes out of the way just to avoid going down this street. I just can’t put up with the flash headaches and nausea caused by that awful smell.

Or am I wrong? Could there possibly be a worse-smelling street?


One thought on “Who Done a Fart?

  1. Puppy says:

    I know this is MAD old and you’ve either built up some crazy immunity to the powers of Watling st. or you just avoid it altogether now, but I’ve just FOUND your site now – jackass. Anyway, main st. Finglas first thing on a sunday morning (and i mean like 8am) is possibly the worst smelling street I’ve ever had the misfortune of having to walk up. Its basically the merging smells of the built up vomit/piss/fast food that spills out of people emerging from Finglas villages 12 pubs. Also, ALL the fast fooderies dump their shit into bins until its literally SPILLING out the sides.

    its basically the Dublin suburban version of what hell is probably like.

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