I wonder what Freud would say

Over the weekend, I dreamt I met Steve Jobs.

I crossed a humped bridge and came into an abandoned carnival which was being dismantled. As I wandered around checking everything out, I came across a second-hand book stall and sitting there, selling books by some guy called Eugene Stanford1 (who looked remarkably like Jerry Garcia) was Steve Jobs.

I was overwhelmed, and shook his hand enthusiastically. He was polite and chatted for a bit. I decided to press a little further, beyond the normal smalltalk of a starstruck fan.

‘”How did you do it, Steve? You were 20 when you started Apple. You were in the prime of your life, and you were devoting 18 hours a day to your dream. How did you maintain that focus? How did you maintain relationships with those around you?2 I mean.. I’m spending my times worrying about shelves and varnishing and things like that. I’m not pursuing any of my dreams. I haven’t accomplished anything. How did you do it?”

He replied simply and calmly.

“I took a lot of drugs.”

* * *

1 – which gives me a clue as to why was dreaming of Steve Jobs – I’d just read his [Commencement Address to **Stanford University**](http://news-service.stanford.edu/news/2005/june15/jobs-061505.html)

2 – of course, having read *The Second Coming of Steve Jobs*, I know that he **didn’t** really manage to maintain relationships with those around him during the start of Apple