Happy 10th Birthday!

Yahoo is 10 years old this year, and is celebrating with a [Netrospective](http://birthday.yahoo.com/netrospective/) – 100 moments from the past 10 years on the internet. For shits and giggles, they also put up their [front page from 10 years ago](http://promo.yahoo.com/birthday10/incorporation/). Like everyone else, I’m sure, this is making me feel very, very old. I can remember when I first saw Yahoo like that. And yet, at the same time, it feels like it must have been very, very long ago – surely things weren’t that shitty in 1995? Surely we’ve always had flash and animated gifs, and [Jakob Nielsen](http://www.perkigoth.com/home/kermit/stuff/thedancingjakob/index.php) telling us these things were bad?

But this isn’t the only 10-year birthday we’ve got this year. Public Enemy’s ‘Fear of a Black Planet’ is 10 years old in July. And it still sounds fantastic.

Happy Birthday, Fear of a Black Planet (and Yahoo).


2 thoughts on “Happy 10th Birthday!

  1. Cliph says:

    Lamentably I must admit that I never saw Yahoo when it looked like that. It was 96/97 when I got my first modem.

    mumble And, I may never have, knowingly, listened to Fear of a Black Planet mumble

  2. john says:

    After years of a static, boring web, I remember crying the first time I saw an animated gif. And I remember what it was – a swooping tie fighter over on lucasarts.com, inviting you into the ‘deluxe’ version of their website.

    So now I feel a loser.

    An old loser.

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